Door Hanger Crafts

Last weekend my daughter and I took a trip to the local dollar store. We didn’t have a whole lot of money to spend, so I figured going to the dollar store (one in particular where everything is a dollar) would be easy on my checkbook. I was right!

Our main goal was to get something in the way of crafts, which this store has a pretty nice selection. We ended up getting a package of foam door hangers, multi-colored cotton balls, foam shapes that stick (hearts), and glitter glue. A whole $4 we spent on a craft that kept her busy that afternoon (with lots of supplies left over for more crafts!). Even better, one of her friends popped in, so she did one with her. It was great watching two giggling girls decorate something for their room.

So if you are looking for something easy and fun, take a trip to your local dollar store to see what you can find. You can also check out kids craft kits at S&S Worldwide, since those are often more cost effective than buying all the supplies individually.


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