Tidy Tuesday: Mom’s Closet

You may have read in previous weeks that we are getting ready to remodel the house. I’m excited we’ll be starting this weekend with the upstairs bedrooms.

Now the first room isn’t so difficult – it’s mine. I spend little time in my room, so there’s hardly anything but a bed and a few dressers in there. There’s not much that needs to be moved. In fact, since we’re just doing the walls right now, everything will just need to be moved into the middle of the room.

That is, except for what’s in the closet. That I’m going to have to clean out.

It’s not a large closet, but large enough to have tons of clothes shoved into it. Like most women (I suspect), it’s shoved full of clothes I will never be able to wear again.  I’ve been hanging on to them in hopes maybe some day I’ll return to the size I was before having my two children.

I’m proud to say I’m admitting I will never be a size 6 ever again. That was pretty hard for me to admit, but I did it. So now it’s time to get rid of all those old jeans and shirt.

Yesterday I started in on the pile, deciding my little cousin (age 10) would be getting all the jeans. Either that or my mom, but I’m afraid they might be too small (yes she’s that tiny…..I dread going shopping with her). Someone is going to get them though, because they are not staying here to collect dust.

Usually when we moms sort through clothes, it’s the kids clothes because they grow out of things so quickly. But this week I’m focusing on my own collection of clothes I’ve outgrown. I challenge the rest of you to do the same, to see how much closet space you can free up by getting rid of things you don’t wear anymore.

Post your updates throughout the week, and let us know how your closet is looking!


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