5 Free Summer Activities

Frugal Friday Tip 

When summer hits we tend to feel like we need to do as much as possible with our kids, regardless of the cost. Museums, amusement parks, the zoo, swimming, and other attractions get put on a list of things to accomplish.

While we should do certain activities with our kids, they don’t all have to cost money. Here are 5 free activities you can do with your kids that won’t cost you a dime (or won’t cost you much anyway).

1. Visit Local Parks
How many parks are in your area? Not just the one within your town, but bigger parks outside of town as well. Make a list of all of them and what there is to do there. For example, one park in our area has an observatory along with nature trails.

2. Play in the Backyard
Yes, this is allowed! It’s what backyards are for of course. Grab some toys and play some games –  Duck, Duck, Goose or Tag are fun games you can play together in your own backyard.

3. Turn on the Hose
Sprinklers too if you have them. Granted your water bill will go up slightly, but it’s usually not too bad if you keep your eye on how much water is being used. We have a 1-hour limit, several times a week, that keeps our water bill under $50 a month (normally in the winter it’s around $30).

4.  Go Fishing
If you already have fishing poles, this will cost you absolutely nothing but gas to drive to the nearest fishing area. Catch the worms yourself if you can so it’s completely free.

5. Visit the Library
One of the greatest free activities you can possibly find. Check with your local library for special activities for the kids such as story times or reading challenges that offer prizes. This one is pretty easy to make a weekly activity.

That’s just a few ideas to get you going. There’s lots to discover outside your front door that doesn’t cost a whole lot, you just need to find it!


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