Writing Projects for Kids

Kids have a wonderful imagination, there’s no doubt about that. Why not draw out some of that creativity by writing as a family? Yes mom and dad need to join in too!

This activity is perfect for a rainy day. In fact I just heard thunder outside, so it’s something we might be doing today. To start you’ll need to pick a place or time. It can be a fantasy world, or a real world in any area you chose. Here’s a few ideas for real world eras:

– Roaring 20s
– Modern day (as in today)
– Pioneer days (1800s)
– Pilgrim and Indian days (late 1600s, early 1700s)
– Medieval times
– Dinosaur age

Once you pick your place and time, you’ll need some characters. Take a little time to study up on your chosen era, unless you chose fantasy, then you can make up whatever history you want. Describe your characters in their clothing, homes, and modes of transportation. The more details the better.

Next you’ll need to have your characters face a challenge of some sort. For example, a pioneer faced many obstacles traveling to the west. If you’ve done a little research on the time period, you’ll find lots of information.

Finally, have your characters resolve the problem. Get creative with this part, describing how they saved the day. Turn your fictional characters into heroes!

When you do this project as a family, you can either have everyone pick the same setting or chose different settings. Once finished, read your stories out loud. Mom and dad might want to do some minor editing (grammar, sentence structure, etc), but really the purpose here is to get creative.

Have fun!


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