4th of July Pasta Dish

It’s always nice when the 4th of July lands on a Friday, since we can all enjoy a nice extended weekend. There’s sure to be a whole lot of backyard grilling going on, so I probably should be giving you grilling recipes. But that’s not exactly “my thing”. I’m more of the type that makes the side dishes while the men tend to the grill.

One dish in particular I love to make because it’s so easy and tasty – plus it goes great with grilled food. Any time we grill, this is what I make.

Summer Pasta w/ Balsamic Vinegar

1 package thin spaghetti
1 can sliced mushrooms
Minced Garlic
Balsami Vinegar
Tomatoes, diced

Cook pasta as directed, drain and cool a bit. Add in the rest of the ingredients. Amounts will depend on your own taste, so do test as you go. I don’t usually use more than one tomato or more than 3 TBS of minced garlic. Add in other ingredients like walnuts or other spices for new easy pasta recipes of your own.

This recipe is best made with home grown tomatoes, so use them if you can. If you need more pasta recipes, check out the Easy Pasta Recipes at Idea Queen.


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