Tidy Tuesday – Quick Kitchen Tip

This week I’m giving you all a break. My house is still in pieces and it’s hard to do any “normal” tasks or organization right now. So instead I’m going to pass on a very quick and useful tip my mom taught me.

If you use SOS pads for any reason, you know how they can get pretty nasty sitting on a sink or counter. They just flat out don’t keep and will get rusted just sitting out in the open. Unless you put them back in the box.

Yes that’s right, you can save an SOS pad from getting rusted by simply putting it back in the box with the others. You would think it messes up the others in the box, but it doesn’t. They all keep just perfect in the box.

So there’s your quick tip for the day. Enjoy!


One thought on “Tidy Tuesday – Quick Kitchen Tip

  1. Neat idea.. but altogether, SOS soap pads are not necessary, in my opinion. You can put baking soda on the steel wool pad, the shiny steel one from any dollar store. That cleans the sink. I especially use the baking soda that comes from the fridge deodourizer.. when it has gone on too long.. put it in a shaker container and its always there to clean out tea stains in cups, make the sink shiny… burn in bottom of pans. We have to think about the products we put down the drain.. and SOS is probably not good for the environment and also.. you will save money with baking soda.


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