Easy Pattern to Sew a Teddy Bear

With my best friend’s baby shower coming up soon, I’ve been on the lookout for some interesting handmade baby toys to make. But while looking at patterns in Joanne’s today, I decided that a teddy bear might be fun to make. I really didn’t want to spend something like $8 on a pattern I probably wouldn’t use more than once, so came home to look.

After carefully scanning loads of patterns, I found the absolute perfect one. This one is four pieces – all body and no little “parts”. This to me is huge, since I have a hard time assembling things like arms and ears. But THIS pattern is so simple I think just about anyone can do it. (Warning – the above link is a .PDF file, so may take a few extra seconds to load).

One small tip though – it took me a few minutes to realize when you are sewing together the pieces in the first step that you only sew the side of head and belly, NOT the whole thing. Most people might already have assumed it, but I didn’t at first. I only realized it after I looked at the pieces a few minutes and tried to imagine how they would look all put together.

I’m making this bear right now with fleece, and it’s SO EASY. I hope you have fun making this bear as well!


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