We Got a Wii!

Yes, after many grumbles about hearing how everyone else got a Wii, we finally got one ourselves. With a slightly overweight 6-yr-old and me trying to lose weight as well, I finally justified the cost as something this couch potato family really did need.

Now one thing I will tell you – we did NOT buy it from eBay or anywhere else online. I still am just floored how much those are selling for. I’ve yet to see one sell for under $300 on ebay and just about as much at other stores when you add in shipping, which is just nuts to me. The auctions that include a bunch of extras, well, I can understand that. But the ones with just the basic Wii – a set of controllers (remote and nunchuk), the console, and Wii Sports – I can’t understand why those are selling so high. I paid $250 plus tax on one from our local Game Stop. Not the best of deals, but at least I didn’t pay too much and it was brand new (would you believe I’ve seen USED ones sell for more online?).

So far it’s everything we thought it would be. I’m so sore from playing I can’t barely move in the morning, and my daughter hasn’t sat and watched TV since she came home Friday afternoon from school. We had friends over last night for a few games of bowling, which was a blast. And no matter how much I hurt, I can’t stop playing. It’s got the addictive elements of a video game, yet it’s actually GOOD for us. I don’t have the “I haven’t done anything useful” guilt that normally goes along with playing too many games. I LOVE it!

Yesterday I went poking around for more games, just to see what’s out there. It’s not that I really want to spend a whole lot more on this because I really didn’t have the money to buy the Wii in the first place. But I did want to see what we could put on some wish lists and swing for birthdays or whatever. (Amazon and eBay don’t have bad prices on games, by the way)

I did, however, end up buying another “game” anyway. Remember how I said I justified this purchase with the promise of our family getting in shape? Well, I ended up buying My Fitness Coach. I probably would have bought the Wii Fit system, but it just cost way too much right now.

I actually saw another fitness “game” with a well known fitness guru’s face on it at Game Stop, although I’m glad I went online to look around first. For one, the other game has some NASTY reviews on Amazon. Not just a few either, but a LOT. For two, it uses Wii Fit, which My Fitness Coach does not. I don’t want to invest more than I have to at this point.

Now I will say this about the Wii. It does take a little getting use to because it’s not like a normal game system. The bad reviews I’ve seen on them usually have comments such as “I played it for 10 minutes then took it back”. Well, it takes more than 10 minutes to get use to it. Plus if you are looking for a normal game system that requires you to sit on the couch, this is NOT it. Oh no, this MAKES you get up and move, which is EXACTLY why we bought it. In fact, I tried to sit for a moment while bowling, and accidentally threw the ball into the crowd. Oops! So no, it does not work sitting.

Am I glad we bought it? Oh yeah, without a doubt. Was it worth the cost? Well, if you compare it to similar things such as exercise equipment and gym memberships, then YES. But I would NOT spend more than you have to, since you CAN find it locally if you wait or look around a bit (I had seen them before Christmas at Target, yet they were sold out last week. As mentioned, I looked elsewhere and found it).


One thought on “We Got a Wii!

  1. Hi There-

    I just wanted to let you know that I bought a Wii just before Thanksgiving. I also LOVE IT. When I bought it, I just bought the basic game and Paper Mario. Well, we really haven’t played the Mario game that much because we have been playing the games that originally came with it. I then got the Wii Fit board for Christmas. I totally understand that it’s expensive, but so well worth it. There are 3 of us in the house who use it regularly. One of us is 60 years old and the me and my friend is 38 but all of us are couch potatoes. I hope that you can find a way to get it because it can totally change your life.


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