Our Recipe Site Gets a Makeover

For the past several years, we’ve been taking care of a site called Recipes For Mom. I hate to say, but it’s been neglected for quite some time. All that changed a few weeks ago when we started working on redesigning it and making it a little easier to navigate.

Unlike the general recipe ideas you’ll find on Idea Queen, Recipes For Mom focuses on “real” recipes with ingredients and instructions.

One of the biggest changes to the site you’ll now see is an easy to navigate category including recipes by main dish (such as pork, chicken, vegetables, etc), recipes by type (like breakfast dishes, restaurant copycat recipes, smoothies, etc), and hoards of dessert recipes in their own section.

Another feature you’ll now see is the ability to rate and review each individual recipe. Comments are always appreciated by viewers for particular recipes, so be sure to add a few on the recipes you’ve tried!

The last feature, which we think is really just for fun, is the “random recipe” feature you’ll now see on each category. When you click on the category title of your choice, a list of recipes come up. Nothing new, right? But the fun part is it will always be different! Even if you refresh the page you’ll find the recipe list in a different order. This can be fun for those who want to randomly try something new. 😉

Any comments on the new site would be appreciated – we’re still working to get all the recipes moved over, and adding a whole lot more!


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