Kids School Lunch Ideas

We’ve gotten into a new habit around here, and that’s reading off the school lunch menu at the beginning of every month. The kids decide what they will and will not eat, and I make a note of when each kid is taking lunch (and more often it’s been both of them on the same days…hmmmm….).

I started sending just basic turkey sandwiches with a small bag of chips (you know the kind – the ones that come in those big packs of 8-20), plus a juice box and some dessert like item (Oreo dippers, for example). But now that there are several days in a row each kid is taking lunch, I had to come up with some variety.

Here’s what’s on the menu for our cold school lunches this week:

– Summer sausage
I spotted this at the store and thought my eldest son would love the idea. He loves basic items like meat and bread when they are alone. It’s sometimes bazaar watching him eat – he’ll take a sandwich apart, eat first the meat, then the bread.

Sliced up this usually makes for a good snack with cheese and crackers, but as part of his meal it works nicely too. I imagine the girl will want to take it too one day once she sees big brother doing it.

– Homemade Bread
I love my bread maker more than any other kitchen appliance. Don’t have one? GASP! Well then I HIGHLY recommend this Sunbeam Bread Machine available at Amazon. Mine is slightly smaller, but it works just fine. I’ve owned it for at least 5 years if not more, using it ALL THE TIME (every single week, in fact, for something). You can’t go wrong with the Sunbeam brand, since they are the cheapest and are good quality.

That said, we’ve got some homemade breads in the works for lunches this month. My kids love homemade bread, so I can’t go wrong with adding it to their lunches. In fact, it works quite nicely when added with the summer sausage. There’s several of our favorite bread recipes on the Bread Machine Recipe page on Idea Queen.

– Beef Sticks and String Cheese
At the store the other day I happened to see a nice package (packaged fresh by the store, that is…no Walmart junk here!) of beef sticks and string cheese. Now my oldest doesn’t like cheese at all and will refuse it if he can, but he will eat string cheese (yeah, figure that one out!). My daughter, who will eat almost anything except tomato based pasta dishes, will end up with a few of these in her lunch as well. Again, the bread works well when added to this.

– Sandwich and Chips
Since we still have turkey and lots of chips, they’ll get a few “traditional lunches” this month in addition to the “cool stuff” mentioned above. Oh and you can’t forget the juice – that will be in every lunch regardless. I figure they get too much dairy as it is (I don’t think I know how to cook without butter or cheese, and even manage to slip that cheese in some dishes when the boy isn’t looking), and the juice adds fruit to the meal.

There’s several more recipes on the School Lunch Ideas page at Idea Queen you can check out as well. This list is only the ideas we have for the next few weeks…be watching for more soon!


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