Tidy Tuesday – Deep Clean the Kitchen

If you are like me and actually USE the kitchen in your home, you know how dirty it can get in a hurry. I’m not just talking about the floor needing swept or mopped, or even flour on the counters nearly every day. What I’m talking about is the REALLY nasty jobs that don’t get done every day, such as cleaning behind the fridge or scrubbing out the sink.

So take a good look around your kitchen. Does the counter need cleaned behind your appliances? Is the inside of your oven pretty gross? Does your microwave need a good scrubbing? Don’t forget the crumbs in the toaster!

This week just focus on those really dirty jobs around the kitchen and get to it. You’ll be happy to you did, even if your kitchen needs cleaned again in a week or two!

Make sure you report here once this week’s task is finished! 😉


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