Bookmark Craft for Kids

There’s nothing harder than coming up with a craft for an 8 year old boy who would rather spend his time in front of the computer or video games instead of being with his family. Although while hanging out in a local craft store one day, the foam sheets caught my attention like they always do, and I finally figured it out.

This particular boy loves to read, and has a large library of books he cycles though. Because of this (and his tornado of a room), we have to keep him well stocked on bookmarks. A foam sheet not only makes a “cool looking bookmark”, but is cheep too.

If folded correctly, you can make six bookmarks from one 8×11 sheet (standard paper size, that is). Two bookmarks “sideways” and four long ways. They won’t all be the same size, but it’s a bookmark, so it doesn’t matter. It’s main purpose is to hold your place in the book, after all.

Once you have them all cut out, it’s up to the kid to add his own personal touch. If you have a paper puncher, you can add small holes at the top and add yarn or ribbon of some type at the top. Decorations can include glitter glue, stickers (add some extra stick to this, because a regular sticker isn’t going to stick very well to foam), construction paper cut outs glued on, or anything else that is small and flat.

This is one of those “every kid” crafts, since you can pick any color of foam sheets you want. For the boy we picked black, but the girl would prefer something like pink or purple. It’s also a great craft because it lets their creativity shine, which is a huge plus in my book. I don’t like to get too specific with craft projects, simple because I want THEM to design and create freely.

Overall this was fun, and I hope you find it fun as well!

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