Gardening Ideas Series – Herbs

This is part three of our Garden Ideas Series, which will be talking about basic herb gardens and ideas for starting them indoors. See part one on flower seeds and part two on vegetable seeds.

We’re trying something new this year. Never before have we grown herbs, but we will be this year for a very specific purpose – to keep the squash bugs away from our precious pumpkin patch. That, and we thought it would be fun to have some home grown herbs as well, since we do a LOT of cooking.

Two types of herbs we started indoors already, and will be planted near our pumpkins along with several other types of flowers. These herbs are the following:

This is one of my absolute favorite herbs, so I was pretty excited to see it on the list of potential plants which attract the squash bug’s enemy, the tachnid fly. I do love cooking with this, and have used it in breads and other really good recipes.

Another great herb, and something we use in our homemade breads and other recipes. I’ve read this is also a great herb to have growing around roses, since it’s suppose to help the health and fragrance. Quite a fantastic herb to have in the garden I’d say, or even in the kitchen!

Since this is our first year trying out herbs, we aren’t going too crazy here. We decided to grow them both inside and out, just to see what would happen and because the garden versions were meant to protect and not eat. It may be we end up with a lot of both herbs on our hands, but that would be perfectly fine too!

I don’t know if you want to call this an herb, but I don’t think it’s a flower either. We have cats, so we usually plant catnip for them as something fun. It gets started inside and transplanted every year. Although it never seems to last long outside because the cats eat it! That’s fine, that’s what we put it in there for! 😉

Be sure to see more herb seeds, live plants, and gardening supplies at Nature Hills Nursery, Inc.


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