Why You Need a Bread Machine

So if you haven’t gotten the hint already, I love my bread machine. LOVE IT. And I have loved it for quite a few years. I don’t know what we ever did without it, and sometimes I think I use it more than the microwave.

Just in case you aren’t sure if you need one or not, let me give you a run down of some of the things we’ve made in the last few months alone.

1. Bread
Duh, right? Yes, we make bread in the bread machine. But we make lots of it on a regular basis. While sometimes we use the bread machine to actually bake the bread, most of the time we use it to take all the hard work out of making the dough. Being concerned with nasty preservatives in store bought bread is a thing of the past with us. All our bread products come straight from our kitchen using whole ingredients.

2. Bread Sticks
You know, the tasty little things that go good with pasta. Yup, we make those in a bread machine, or at least, the dough. We see frozen dough or pre-cooked bread sticks in the store all the time for a pretty penny. Since you still have to bake them, why not stick on the additives and just make the dough yourself?

3. Cinnamon Rolls
Same as the bread sticks – they are made with the dough cycle. Super easy and a lot less hassle. This one is a family favorite but a bit on the messy side. It’s completely worth it, though, as you’ve never had a REAL cinnamon roll until you’ve had one fresh out of the oven. The difference will make you never want a non-homemade cinnamon roll again.

4. Pizza Dough
There’s quite a few different recipes for pizza dough lurking around the internet, and all of them work quite nicely with the bread machine.  The bread machine takes all the hassle out of really good homemade dough that can be topped with all your favorite goodies. No powdered packets required.

5. Jelly & Jam
I’ve become quite fond of homemade jams, and it is SO EASY with the bread machine. There is no watching and stirring for an hour or more – just dump the ingredients in and walk away. Homemade jam spread on homemade bread doesn’t get any better.

6. Buns/Rolls
Ever since we latched on to the awesome roll recipe, its been used just about every time we have sandwiches or a family gathering. Currently we make sandwiches at least once a week, cutting this recipe in half for 5 average sized buns. Sometimes we make the full recipe, saving the leftover buns for lunch. This one simple recipe also works in place of anything requiring refrigerated biscuits or crescent rolls.

So there you go – six different types of foods, one machine. Pretty handy, eh? If you don’t have one, I highly recommend the Sunbeam Bread Machine. It’s the only bread machine I’ve used for over a decade now, although feel free to shop around for the machine that will work for you. Amazon has a huge stock of various brands, sizes, and styles to pick from.

Have fun!


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