Family Activities – Indoor Pools

Last week my kids were on spring break, and they got a bit of a raw deal. The weather wasn’t so great, and it rained most of the week. On Saturday we even saw a rain/snow mix!

Seeing the weather forecast ahead of time, I knew it was going to be up to me to entertain them at least part of the time. So we decided at least one day would be spent at our local YMCA  where there’s a good sized indoor pool.

We don’t have a membership since the closest Y is a good 25 minutes away from us, and just isn’t worth it for how little we get over there. However, we were able to get in for just $12 for all of us, and spend as much time as we wanted there that day. The kids had a blast and so did I!

This is the perfect time of year to seek out local indoor pools, since it’s still just a bit too early for the regular summer pools. We like the YMCA over here because we can go off and do other activities after we swim to make sure no one is going outside with wet hair when the temp is still in the 50s. For $12, it wasn’t a bad deal, and it entertained the kids for at least half a day.

Go out and find some indoor pools near you – it might prove to be the perfect family activity for all of you too!


One thought on “Family Activities – Indoor Pools

  1. A similar thing happened to me but during the summer(!). Our local pool has some slides and a wave machine, so we all had lots of fun. Plus, it was great exercise for all of us!


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