Tidy Tuesday – Laundry

With the kids back in school, it’s time to get some major work done around the house. Over the summer a plan was put into place to keep the house at least somewhat tidy as well as giving the kids something to do to earn play time with friends. That plan was “a chore a day”, where they were given something quick to do everyday before they could play. Sometimes it was putting away clothes, which I’m now regretting.

Yes it’s true children can put their own clothes away, however, they don’t always do the best of jobs.  Closets and drawers are an absolute mess, so it’s time to organize. It’s always easier finding clothes for school in the morning when things are well organized. 😉

In addition to the mess in the closets, there’s a mess in the laundry room too. Half way through the summer I gave up trying to get them to put away clothes, so we’ve fallen behind a bit. The baskets are stuffed, needless to say. I got a jump start yesterday by sorting the “sock basket” and getting all the socks put away. The rest of this week I’ll spend on getting kids clothes put away and sorting as I go.

This job -should- only take a day or two, but one never knows what might be lurking in the laundry room or the kids rooms. I’ve avoided their rooms as much as possible the last few months, and it’s time to enter the unknown.

Wish me luck!


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