Changing Eatting Habits

Last fall and through the winter I made a decision. I was overweight, and needed to drop at least 20 pounds. Three months and all my willpower later, I achieved that goal. But somehow 5 of those pounds seemed to have found their way back over the summer.

I could blaime it on a lot of things, but I know what the problem really is. I eat too much. I snack too much and eat too much junk. I know better, really, and think “this is so wrong” every time I grab a snack size bag of chips or sneak a piece of chocolate. I also abandoned my exercise routine when the weather got nice, and my nice lean muscles turned to flab.

Time to stop being lazy.

I’ve been easing back into a normal routine after going MIA for several months, and this is one of those things I want to get back to focusing on. Better eatting habbits, exercise, and losing a few more pounds. While it’s true my original goal was just to lose 20 pounds, I could actually stand to lose 20 more. Who couldn’t? But I really do want to do this. I want to see myself somewhere around the same size as I was before the kids were born. If I don’t do it now, it’s going to be that much harder to get to that size later.

So here we go. Counting calories again, watching what I eat, and easy back into excercising. Can we do it? Yes we can! Who’s with me?


One thought on “Changing Eatting Habits

  1. Yes, we can!

    No easy but can be done.

    I have the same problem that you have. Gained 5 lbs back from last spring loss.

    Re-started my walking program but still eating too much “goodies”.

    It gets more and more difficult as we age.



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