Bath & Body Projects for Kids

My daughter loves crafts of any kind. Hand her a piece of paper and she does some pretty amazing things with it. Also a tad of a mini-scientist, she loves “making experiments” that usually end up with her in trouble. So for Christmas I got her the Scientific Explorer’s Spa Science Chemistry Kit off of Amazon. It was an absolute hit, but lacked in some supplies.

When Elements Bath & Body landed in our inbox as a new advertiser on Idea Queen, it got me thinking…and surfing. Little kits that make just a handful of various items are fun and all, but they’re also just a tease for kids that really want to dive into doing stuff like this as a real hobby. Maybe not a business, but a hobby at the very least.

I guess I hadn’t really looked to close into places that sell supplies, simply because they quantities they sell in are just too much for no more than we’d want to do. However, Elements sells in small enough qualities so we can make soaps and other items just as a hobby. I was also pretty impressed with their variety of melt and pour soaps, as well as long list of various soap molds. There’s some pretty cute stuff there, especially for a 7yr old girl making her own.

While I’m sure you could invest a little more money into real supplies vs a kit, in the long run if your interested in making your own soaps and bath products even on a semi-regular basis, checking into sites that sell wholesale is a great idea. Plus these types of items make WONDERFUL birthday and Christmas gifts for family and friends!

Have fun!


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