Heat Wave! Well, Sorta…

I never thought 15 degrees would feel this warm, but after spending this much time with below zero temperatures, it really does. And how excited am I to see the temperatures climbing to above 30 this week! Time to get out and about, that’s for sure.

I feel thankful we escaped the cold snap with just a frozen pipe or two. There was at least 2 or 3 days last week we couldn’t take showers, run the dish washer, or wash clothes, but we survived. Thankfully the main pipe didn’t freeze, so we could still use the bathroom and had hot water for minor stuff.

Of course we’re not in the clear yet. It’s still only January and still Iowa. Snow, ice, and cold still lurks around the corner. As does a house that may NEVER be clean, and more “I’m bored” cries. Since we got a boat-load of toys and entertaining electronics for Christmas,  those cries are far and few between. More often than not, I hear “let’s do something together” from the girl. Since we still can’t get outside and play, we’re resorting to finding stuff around here to do.

In my last post I mentioned we were planning on playing with some soaps. On Saturday our package arrived and we did just that, but decided to take it a bit further.  Since she enjoyed making the soap so much and being the mini entrepreneur she is, I’ve decided to let her have a business of her very own.

We started with a few simple molds and scents, and the results were fantastic. She picked out a template and we built her site to her liking. I think it turned out alright (see Soap by Jillian). While this seems a bit easy to set up for us, keep in mind we’ve had some experience in starting up businesses.  Although I have no doubts it IS possible for you to start up a business with your child’s hobbies with nothing more than an account on Etsy.

So while the weather may be teasing us a bit with promises of warmer temps and less snow, I know better. At least, though, we have something to do when the next round of winter muck is dumped on us!


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