Get Real Food Network!

I have become addicted to Food Networks “Worst Cooks in America“. I adore this show, and find it entertaining watching these people who can’t barely boil water attempting to make over the top “fancy” foods. However, I have to question WHY they are being “trained” to cook in such a fashion. Sure it’s entertaining and all, but do any of us “real” moms actually cook the things they’re featuring?  What “real” skills are these poor people actually taking home?

Granted I am no chef, but I like to think I know my way around a kitchen. We make pizza, tacos, roast, and other “family” meals. On this show I’m seeing about half of them are moms or parents-in-training, and I can tell you right now the things they’re learning to cook no kid would come close to even tasting. Duck? Swordfish? Scallops? Heck no. Okay maybe the duck, it’s meat after all. Seafood, on the other hand, is something we have a tough time with around here.

Sure it’s entertainment, and I have enjoyed watching it. I just feel extremely bad for these people who are getting trained to cook “all fancy like” when they could use some cooking skills that are a bit…..well, real.  I doubt any of these people had plans to become a famous chef. They just wanted meals their families would like, and I don’t think their getting it.

Once I see an episode that uses ground beef in some form, I’ll give it some more credit. Until then, I’m not impressed with the food they’ve been cooking. Anyone else agree?


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