Indoor Physical Activities with the Kids

I was wandering around some blogs and forums a little lost today, and stumbled on a blog post on Eccentric WAHM Bloggers all about Fitness in Your Day to Day. There’s three really awesome ideas here, and it got me thinking. With it being winter and reaaaaaally cold outside, going for a bike ride or a quick trip to the park is just out of the question. And now that I have one kid at home, finding some indoor activities is going to be pretty important. So let me add some fun (and productive) activities to do:

1. Wii!

Eh, I know we don’t all have a Wii. But I really, really do think this is an important addition to any household. It’s not “just another game system”, but is just AWESOME for physical fitness. I think this is an absolute must for homeschoolers. (On a side note – we went to the “real bowling alley” last weekend and ONE GAME for 1 adult and 2 kids with a small “snack” cost us over $30! GAH!)

2. Cleaning Challenges

Who’s the fastest picker-upper? How many windows can you clean in 5 minutes? What’s the record time in the house for taking out the garbage? Have some fun, get the house cleaned, and burn some calories! If you live in an area where they do pop can/bottle returns, you can throw some math into the mix as well counting nickels/dimes.

3. Take a Walk – Indoors

Take a trip to the local historical museums, learning centers, or other large indoor complexes. Not all of them cost money to visit either, so keep your eyes peeled for awesome places you can spend a few hours walking around in. For those of us that sit on our butts all day, this is excellent exercise. Plus if it’s cold, you can race to the car when your finished (I think we all do this anyway when the temp is below zero!)

What are some other activities you do in your house with your kids?


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