Improvising on Taco Meat

Last week we decided to make tacos for supper. This is a favorite around here. My high school job in a taco joint really paid off in adult years that’s for sure, since “mom makes awesome tacos” (not like it’s that hard really). But the other night as went to start the meat I realized we had ZERO taco seasoning packets. Uh oh.

I probably could have dug around online to find seasoning ingredients, but decided to just wing it. I’m always loaded with spices, I figured I could come up with something.

What we ended up using was a can of Italian diced tomatoes, the chipotle seasoning from the chicken the other night, and a little bit of onion and garlic powder. Was it exact? Not really. Was it good? Oh yeah. Usually I add water and the seasoning mix, but since we used the can of tomatoes I didn’t bother. It cooked PERFECTLY, and didn’t need as much stirring to make sure it didn’t burn on the bottom.

I believe we’ll continue to cook taco meat the same way we always have, but this was a fun backup recipe or something different we’ll keep in mind for other nights. 😉


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