3 Easy Dinner Ideas for Two

Since Valentine’s Day is coming up, it was time to add some easy dinner ideas for two. We figured some of you lucky people might be getting the chance to spend a romantic evening at home without the kids (oh how I envy you, but that is a completely different post). Don’t worry, I do remember how to cook for just two. I think…. Let’s find out!

1. Angel hair pasta

Pretty simple. If you can boil water, I think you’ll do just fine. If not, well, not sure you should be attempting a romantic meal for two in the first place. Just add butter and garlic, it doesn’t need to be fancy. Frozen breadsticks tossed in the oven work with this dish too, unless you own a bread machine and feel ambitious.

2. Steak and Potatoes

Steak isn’t as complicated as you may think, and you don’t even need a grill. It can easily be fried in a pan and still be delicious. The potatoes? Toss those in the microwave for 8-10mins. If you really want to be fancy, you can wrap them in foil and bake them in the oven. If you do this option though, remember to put them in there long before you start the steak. At least a half hour or so.

3. Fried Pork Chops

You’ll need thin cut pork chops for this, but just two of them since you aren’t feeding a heard. From here you’ll have 2 options – cream of mushroom soup or white wine. Of course there’s more options, but these are my two favorite options I’ve made quite a bit.

With the cream of mushroom soup you’ll want to brown the chops a little before you add it (medium high heat), and then turn the heat down so it simmers. Basically heating up the soup and cooking the middle of the chops.

If you go with white wine, you can add this from the start. I also add fennel seeds with white wine, but you can add any kind of spices you want. Medium heat works for this from start to finish.

So there you go – three very easy dinner ideas for two. Be sure to enjoy the alone time!


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