Ingredients to Make Lip Gloss

If you read our post on free lip balm recipes, you noticed there was one main sites for places to buy ingredients to make lip gloss we suggested; Mountain Rose Herbs .

Ingredients to Make Lip Gloss

From the recipes there are a few main ingredients to make lip gloss that you’ll need (and may not already have):

Carrier Oils
From the lip balm recipes, it’s pretty easy to spot the carrier oils. Those are the main ingredients and oils are that not essential oils. Examples would be vegetable oil, coconut oil, or sweet almond oil. At Moutain Rose Herbs, carrier oils have their own category. On Kalyx, you’ll have to do a little digging (might I suggest the “search” function here – easier anyway since we’re on a hunt for specific ingredients).

A little beeswax goes a long way, so be sure your buying the least amount possible. A pound is a LOT. When most recipes call for 1/4 – 1/2 oz of beeswax, it’s unlikely you’ll run out soon. On both our recommended sites you’ll need to use the search function here to find a listing of type and quanity listings.

Essential Oils
Skys the limit here, the choice is yours! Some of the more popular oils would include peppermint, vanilla, or almond. Since both of these sites focus on herbs, they have a huge easy-to-find selection of essential oils for you to use in your ingredients to make lip gloss.

Depending on the type of lip gloss you plan to make, you might also need:

Cocoa butter
Often used for a more creamy lip gloss, and not too hard to find on either of our suggested sites. Just do a simple search if need be.

Vitamin E oil
Added to give the lip gloss a little more “purpose”. In other words, makes your lips soft when used. Great for lip gloss used for chapped lips.


May be used instead of carrier oil. It IS possible to make natural lip gloss using glicerine, especially if you use organic brands from Mountain Rose Herbs.

Additional Tips for Making Lip Gloss

When making lip gloss for the first time and starting from scratch with supplies, it’s best to pick just one recipe and stick to it. The main reason is to keep your costs down since not all recipes include the same ingredients. It may be you’ll need a few of the optional ingredients or may not be. Since most places don’t sell lip balm size quantities, your going to end up with enough supplies to make 10 or more. Pick a recipe first, then decide what you need to buy.

Have fun!

Mountain Rose Herbs. A Herbs, Health & Harmony Com


One thought on “Ingredients to Make Lip Gloss

  1. OMG that’s so amazing. My wife tried it and made a pretty good batch on her first try. Kinda weird to know your able to make your own lip gloss hehehe it’s so much cheaper to make the stuff yourself, especially during those weathery months when your lips dry daily.


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