Spring Activities for Family: Bike Riding

With the weather getting nicer, we tend to look for anything at all to do outside to enjoy it. One really excellent activity is to hop on your bike and take a family bike ride together. Below are some excellent reasons why you should.

Family Time

Most families today are guilty of not spending near enough time together. Sometimes it’s just from lack of ideas of what exactly to do together. Taking a bike ride is something all kids enjoy, and parents can too. See the town together, talk to others out and about, and maybe stop for some ice cream too!

Burn Calories

With video games, computers, and other indoor activities being so handy, our society has become a bunch of couch potatoes. You don’t need fancy exercise equipment or pricey gym memberships to get a good work out. Remember how active you were as a kid? And all it required was a bicycle! After not being on a bike for several years, I was given a very hard reminder of how good of a workout it really is.

Help the Environment

If you live in a small town like we do, you can save a lot of time in the car by using your bike instead. Go to the store for small items, grab the mail, or go to the library. If it’s a short distance, there’s no reason you can’t ride a bike instead. You’ll be doing the environment a big favor by cutting down the amount of time spent in the car.

We’ve been going on bike rides often now, and loving every minute of it!


2 thoughts on “Spring Activities for Family: Bike Riding

  1. A guy I worked with a few years ago went on a biking vacation with this wife and two kids every year when the kids were young.

    they would map out a route on bike trails and stop at bed and breakfast locations along the way for logging. They would go for a week with nothing but their bikes and their packs.

    I always thought it was a great idea and wished I had known about it when I was younger.


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