Spring Cleaning Week!

This time of year is absolutely perfect for opening up the windows and enjoying the nice breeze. For some reason, when I can open up the house it makes it a lot easier to get some serious cleaning done. You’d think it would be just the opposite, being stuck inside all winter with nothing to do but clean house. Still, I love cleaning this time of year.

The house is in need of some major deep cleaning. As in pulling out appliances, really scrubbing floors, dusting, washing windows, etc. Looking at it as a whole makes me seriously overwhelmed. Even looking at specific rooms makes me feel like there’s no possible way I can get all this done in a reasonable amount of time.

So instead of trying to clean the entire house all at once, I’ve decided to break it down into manageable chunks. Each day I’ll be focusing on one room, and getting it cleaned up as much as I possibly can. Should I need to come back to it next week, I will.

I thought maybe I would do a schedule of sorts, planning out what I’d do each day, but then realized it would go a lot better if I went according to what I felt like working on. I’d be much less likely to give up on a room if I didn’t feel like working on that particular room that day. The real goal, of course, is getting the entire house cleaned from top to bottom.

Yesterday I tackled the laundry room, since it’s also our “mud room” where coats, shoes, and other winter attire hide. With two kids constantly coming in and out the back door all winter, it’s a huge mess. Plus of course I’m never caught up on laundry. About half of it was cleaned up, and looks a LOT better than it did. I’ll be working on it again next week while I focus on my bedroom today. The windows need washed, and it could use a good dusting.

The fun part about cleaning week is the ability to also play games. More specifically, a few from Big Fish. Now I realize this sounds odd, but the “waiting time” on some of these games makes it easier to get up and do housework… and quickly. Especially Plant Tycoon and Virtual Villagers.

If your joining me this week, have fun cleaning and playing!


6 thoughts on “Spring Cleaning Week!

  1. This is the only way I ever could get anything cleaned completely. It’s good to see other’s using the same tactics! The idea of incorporating a ‘game time’ in sounds like a great way to get the family involved too. Thanks!


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