Extra Math Practice for Kids

I’m somewhat of a math geek. I love playing with numbers, budgeting, and doing anything that has to do with math. I figure gas mileage in my head as I’m driving, figure monthly savings plans, and a whole lot more every single day. All this because I’m just good at math, and it comes naturally to me.

I wasn’t always good in math. I remember vividly falling behind in 2nd grade on the speed math tests. The “tick tick tick” of the clock was extremely distracting and stressful. The harder the problems got, the more I struggled.

It wasn’t until I got a little computer (this was the 80s people – I use the term “computer” lightly) just for math that my scores began to improve. Speed tests were a joke, really. What I needed most of all was just constant practice until those numbers were beat into my head permanently.

Since my son is homeschooled, we have a variety of websites bookmarked for various subjects. One of the most important is The Math Worksheet Site.

I absolutely love this site. Instead of focusing on speed tests and how fast they can (sometimes) complete problems, my son can go at his own speed and figure out each on in his own time. Honestly how good of practice are they getting when they can’t complete all the problems in a specific amount of time? No, for my son I know daily practice at his OWN speed is more important.

Since an entire page can seem daunting, we print out sheets weekly and work on them every day. I go with the “mixed problems” option, and chose the highest number of problems per sheet so he’s got plenty to do each day. It also saves on paper!

You don’t need to have a homeschool kid to use this site, either. If you have a child struggling with math, this is an excellent site to use.

Good luck!