A Random Monday Afternoon Outing

The other day I felt the walls closing in on me. School work was done for the week, with a slight start on next week’s assignment. TV was blaring with some random cartoon, and I couldn’t get the kids away from it. Plus, to top it all off, I was hungry.

We’ve been lucky to have some absolutely beautiful weather the last few weeks.  But with it being October, I know it won’t last for long before the snow forces us to hibernate for the winter. I decided it was a must we get outside and enjoy it.

So we grabbed a pizza from our local gas station (sounds odd, but they really do have excellent pizza), and headed to my favorite park. I go there often to think, and gather inspiration for creative writing. It’s one of those quiet, out-of-the-way parks in the middle of nowhere, though not short on things to see. There’s a few hiking trails, playground areas, shelters, a pond, and several breathtaking views. Like a perfect blend of public park and wilderness, stuffed into one.

I couldn’t think of a better way to spend a fall afternoon. 🙂


One thought on “A Random Monday Afternoon Outing

  1. Sounds like one of the parks a few miles from our house. Definitely a good place to go before it gets covered with snow. Maybe this winter have the kids learn to keep the volume at a lower level. Other wise it might be a long winter.
    Put away anything that is breakable and play flash light tag.

    If the kids will cooroperate have a family game night once a week. Best way to do this is to write down on seperate small strips of paper each name of games that you have. Make sure that they are games that are doable even for the little ones, or have a seperate container with age appropriate games for them. No game over 30 minutes or a hour depending on what your family likes. Include card games, charade, i spy, hot potato, etc In your game container. Include color time as well. Our color time consist of each person colors two pictures in coloring books. One of the picture is chosen to be mailed to grand parents, other family members or friends. Small craft projects is good to include in mail. We go to thrift stores, yardsales, and get things free in the mail for no postage at all. We get a lot of craft items and games before winter hits. If you have to be hibernating in the wibter with children it is good to be prepared. This works if you are single or you know that you will need things to keep your mind occupied as well. I buy several books and magazines before winter too. My children recieve several things from companies throughout the year for free. Each time some thing comes in the mail it entertains them for a while or we include the items in shoe boxes for kids in need. Mom of 8 in Texas.


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