Hosting an Elmo Birthday Party

What kid doesn’t love Elmo? At some point in time, it seems that every child seems to grow some sort of fascination with this favorite character. Though Sesame Street has always been a favorite through the years, Elmo always tends to steal the show. It starts early for some kids, as the fascination seems to set in around the toddler years. As kids are old enough to watch Sesame Street and to really understand it, most of them tend to have a special affinity for Elmo as their character of choice.

Because of his popularity, it only makes sense to have a birthday party with Elmo! Here’s how to go about hosting one.


In this electronic world, it’s nice to take the time and mail personal invitations to your child’s friends. And because Elmo is so easy to draw, you can make them yourself out of red construction paper. Simply cut out the shape of his head and eyes with red paper, and glue white, black and yellow paper to make his face.

On the back, or inside the card, add the details of the party in the third person, as that’s how Elmo always talks. “Tina is having an Elmo’s World Party” or “Hooray! Elmo invites you to Tina’s birthday Party!”

Create Elmo’s World

If you’ve ever watched Elmo on Sesame Street, then you know firsthand that it’s all about “Elmo’s World”. This segment of the show focuses solely on Elmo, his goldfish Dorothy, the cute little crayon-created place where he lives, as well as a few favorites such as Mr. Noodle, talking to babies, and his sometimes uncooperative furniture and window blind. Do your best with an Elmo birthday party to recreate “Elmo’s World” in the comfort of your own home.

For instance, if your child has a playhouse, cover it with large sheets of white paper and draw it as a cartoon house with crayons. Either that, or cover your walls in the party area with paper and draw windows and a door in crayon. As part of the activities, you can even have your guests draw on the walls with various crayons to create Elmo’s furniture and Dorothy the goldfish.

Elmo, Elmo, Everywhere

It’s not going to take much to get the kids excited about Elmo. You’ll likely have some Elmo stuffed animals and figures on hand, but as he has been around for decades, it won’t be too difficult to find him, either new or at second-hand stores. Though you can certainly incorporate all sorts of decorations with the Elmo theme, just having stuffed animals or puppets is plenty for your child’s birthday theme party. The idea is to think of shapes and primary colors, as this is what Elmo is all about – circles, squares and cheery color. Be creative and think like a kid!

Don’t forget Mr. Noodle. For fun entertainment, have somebody (Dad?) volunteer to act as this goofy character. Think of some activity (such as how to use a skipping rope) that Mr. Noodle always gets wrong, with plenty of slapstick. Have your guests call out on how to get it right. Because Mr. Noodle is always silent and full of body expression, a great alternative would be to play a game of charades.

A Simply Delicious Elmo Cake

As Elmo is simple to draw (basically a bunch of circles and ovals), you can easily bake a cake of Elmo’s cheerful face. Since Elmo is furry, after the cake is baked and cooled, use a serrated knife and cut indents along the edges to create fur. Trace his eyes with a toothpick to finish the outline of his face. Then, trace an outline of his features (eyes, nose and mouth), and fill those in with white, black and yellow icing. Fill the remainder of the cake with red icing. For his nose, wait for the yellow icing to slightly harden, then roll it into a nose and stick onto his face. Serve with ice cream.

Other snacks to serve at the party are Goldfish crackers and fruit such as sliced watermelon or cantelope – they are the shape of Elmo’s mouth.

Party Favors and Creative Thank You Cards

Before the children leave, be sure that each child leaves with a goodie bag of Elmo memorabilia. At your local dollar store, you can find stickers, pencils and small Elmo figures, as well as crayons, of course! Another neat idea is to have a personalized Elmo candy bar in the goodie bag, or even as part of you child’s thank you card. Your little guests will fondly remember your child’s party for months to come!

by Chris Molnar


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