When the lights go out…

At some point, it happens. The electricity goes out for a number of reasons – storms, ice, power company issues, etc. We’ve become so dependent on electricity that we often don’t know what to do with ourselves. No TV, no video games, no movies, and no computer. If you are lucky to have battery operated devices such as MP3s or radios, you’ll have a bit of entertainment. However, the fascination doesn’t last for long with kids, and they’ll soon be looking for something to do.

This list covers ten different activities for both night and day when your lights go out.

During the day:

1. Dust.
Even though it’s not the most entertaining activity, it’s still one that needs to be done. If possible, get the kids involved in dusting or cleaning areas they can reach, while you take care of the cobwebs in the corners.

2. Play games.
Hopefully, you have a game or two stashed in a closet somewhere. Pull it out and play with the family! If your home has gone totally digital, make up a game. Ask the kids to make up a game, since they’re imaginations can come up with almost anything.

3. Crafts.
Are there projects you want to get to, such as sewing or painting? Without a computer, you now have the time to.

4. Clean the House.
Since all you need are window cleaner and a paper towel, get the windows cleaned. Don’t forget the mirrors, too! You can also pull out the furniture polish, or scrub the neglected cupboards and drawers.

5. Sort clothes.
Kids grow out of clothes fast, and there’s always a stash of outgrown items somewhere. Use this time to sort them and put them into bags.

6. Go outside.
If the weather is nice enough, go outside. If it’s not, bundle up and go outside anyway! Go for a walk, go sledding, or pull weeds. If the weather is really nasty, you may want to skip this option. If possible, though, attempt to find an activity outside of the home.

At Night:

1. Write.
If you have a laptop or computer that runs on a batter, sit down and do some writing for fun. If nothing else, you can always write the old fashioned way – with paper and pencil.

2. Talk.
Not on the phone – with the people in your house! Remember those people you talked to before there were all the electronic distractions? Sit down and chat for a while! Ask about current events, friends, or anything else that comes to mind. You may be surprised with how well your family can communicate with each other if given the chance.

3. Tell stories.
Take turns making up stories, or telling parts of stories. You can also have the kids share their favorite books with everyone.

4. Pretend your camping.
Grab the sleeping bags and tents! Set up right in the living room, minus the roaring fire (unless, of course, you own a fireplace). Grab some snacks and pretend you’re out in the wilderness!

There are lots of activities that can be done when the lights go out; you just have to be creative. We’ve become a spoiled society with our modern advances, sometimes it’s nice to remember what it’s like without them.


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