5 Most Beautiful Places and Things

We’re always encouraged to “stop and smell the roses”, yet often don’t see the beauty in everyday life right in front of us. This is my list of the most beautiful locations and items in my life, both past and present. I hope it encourages you to write your own list, or share some locations you find especially beautiful.

1. Sunsets at My Childhood Home
When I was growing up, I lived with my mom in a rural area. Our house sat on an acre of land, although there was another 20-30 acres owned by friendly neighbors surrounding us. A woods and an empty prairie ground was my playground as a kid, and nothing to me was more beautiful than the sunset in our backyard. I dream about this house often, even though my mom sold the house years ago.

2. Areas in a Local Park
Similar to my backyard, but in a local park, there are multiple views of trees, ponds, and rivers. I still visit this park often, especially when I need to clear my head. I’ll watch as a breeze ripples the water, or try to see as far as possible into an endless horizon. What makes this place special is the lack of people in my “hidden” beautiful spots.

3. My Computer
This might seem like an odd location, but certain corners of the internet and computer leave me beautiful surprises on a regular basis. Lately I have been interested in art made from programs like Paint shop and Photoshop, and find beauty in pictures I find, or ones I create. It’s similar to “real” art, yet I don’t have to leave my chair to see it.

4. Family Farm
When I visit my grandparent’s house, I often gaze at the acres of corn and bean fields that belong to our family. What I see is more than just money or crops; I see our family’s history and struggles over the past hundred years. I see the hard work that’s been put into the farm, and the pride in that work.

5. Candles
It doesn’t matter what type of candle it is, or what it smells like. While I do have a preference to the candles my mother makes, it’s the flame itself that provides a level of comfort and beauty to me. I love to just stare at the flickering fire dancing in front of my eyes, like a private performance. It may seem strange to you, but it’s beautiful to me.

So there’s my list…what’s your top 5 most beautiful things?


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