15 Ways to Be a Kid Again

Sometimes we get caught up in our adult lives, and let stress take over. A great way to de-stress ourselves is to act like a kid again. Who cares if it’s silly, immature, or a waste of time? If everyone took even a few hours a month to act like a kid, there would be less stress in the world.

Here are 15 activities you can do with your kids, or all by yourself.

Cloud Watching
Lay on the grass, and just watch the clouds roll by. Play the game you did as a kid, where you tried to guess what each shape was floating by.

Go to a Playground
Slide down the slides, swing on the swings, climb the forts.

Tree Climbing
Have you seen a tree lately you wouldn’t be able to resist climbing if you were still a child? Go climb it!

Skip Rocks
Take a trip to a local pond or lake, and skip rocks for the afternoon. Try to beat your high score once you get the hang of it again.

Visit the local swimming pool, and dare yourself to jump off the highest diving board.

It doesn’t matter if you are outside or in your own living room – if you have the space, do a few cartwheels.

Write a Poem
Think of the things that made you happy when you were a child, then write a silly poem about it.

Pick Dandelions
Go outside and create a dandelion bouquet. If you spot other colorful “weeds”, pick those too. Put them in a plastic cup of water and set them on your desk as a reminder of the simple things in life.

Go Barefoot
Take off your shoes and walk in the grass. Remember how nice that felt when you were a kid?

Outside or inside, just start singing your favorite song. Pretend you’re on a stage performing if you’d like.

Jump Rope
How long has it been since you’ve tried to jump rope? If you have a few kids and a long enough rope or two, you can have a jump rope competition.

Draw with Chalk
Pick up a package of sidewalk chalk, and spend the afternoon drawing.

Ride a Bike
Lots of adults ride bikes, but mostly for leisure and exercise. If you have older children, try riding your bike with them. Keeping up with a 10-yr-old is harder than you think.

Blow Bubbles
Sit outside and blow bubbles. Little ones, big ones, funny shaped ones… whatever you like the most.

Play in the Rain
If you can’t enjoy any of the above outdoor activities because of rain, then go outside anyway and just dance. Feel the rain on your face and arms, and the squishy earth under your feet.

Do you have other activities you did when you were a kid that you miss? Don’t mind what others think, or if you think you’re too old. Do them anyway!


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