Kid’s Craft Idea: Jeweled Treasure Box

Keep Your Favorite Treasures Safe In A Jeweled Treasure Box

If you have treasures that you would like to keep safe, you can make a pretty jeweled box to keep them in. This is a really easy project, and your child can do it all by herself. All you need are a few materials (most you can get at a craft store), and you’ll have a sparkling box that is fit for the finest of treasures.

Here’s What You’ll Need:

  • Cigar box (or a similar box with a hinged lid)
  • Felt, any color, enough to line bottom and sides of box
  • White glue
  • Contact cement
  • Poster paint, any color (it can match the lining, or even use multi colors for a really fun and funky look)
  • Glitter, any color you like
  • Lots of faux rhinestones with flat backs, all colors, shapes and sizes
  • Oval Mirror, smaller than the lid
  • A marble, any color

Instructions (for kids):

Cut the felt so that it will fit on the bottom and sides of the box. Glue in place.

Paint the inside of the lid with poster paint. Allow to dry (this doesn’t take very long.) Using the contact cement, glue the mirror onto the center (Diagram 1). Allow the lid to remain open. Place a book or a pair of socks under it so that it doesn’t lean, making the mirror slide off before the glue is dry. This will take about 12 hours. You might want to do this part just before you go to bed at night, so your project will be ready to work on when you get up, or after school.

Diagram 1

Once the mirror is firmly in place, cover the sides and top of the box with a thin layer of glue, and sprinkle glitter all over. If you want, you can make designs with different colors of glitter. Glue the marble on the lid of the box, near the front and in the center (Diagram 2). This will be your knob for opening the lid. Set it aside for a few hours to dry. While you’re waiting, why not go outside and play for a while to make the time go faster!

Diagram 2

Now it’s time for the fun part: decorating your treasure box! Take the rhinestones and start gluing them all over the top and sides of the box. The rhinestones may be too heavy, and they may slide off the sides of your box. If you have this happen, all you have to do is place one side face up, decorate it and let it dry, before moving to the next. It may take a little longer this way, but you will end up with a beautiful treasure box.


You don’t have to just use rhinestones to decorate your treasure box. Some of the things you can use to decorate your treasure box include seashells, small silk flowers, beads, pebbles and mirror tiles. If you really want a “treasure” box, glue coins all over it . You can use faux coins if you want, and save your real coins to buy stuff to make more crafts!

Contributed by Chris Molnar, a work-at-home-Dad of two little girls. He edits a party theme website with articles and resources on activities, foods, crafts and games, such as a recent one on Yo Gabba Gabba party ideas. He also has a blog filled with entertaining tips, holiday ideas and party recipes.


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