Easy Ideas for Breakfast

Mornings are hectic. There never seems to be enough time to make a good breakfast, nor enough motivation. However, there are several simple options you can use, which are both easy and high on nutrition.

This list should give you a few basic ideas for breakfast, and help cut down on the stress of morning.

1. English Muffins
Just a few seconds in the toaster can provide a hot and tasty treat. Add toppings such as butter, cinnamon, peanut butter, or jelly.

2. Frozen Waffles
Ever since the kids were little, they’ve had a taste for frozen waffles. You wouldn’t think something from the freezer would be that nutritious, but they have more vitamins and minerals than you think. Plus they are filling, so it avoids that mid-morning hunger problem. The right type, like chocolate chip waffles, does not even need messy syrup to taste great.

3. Cereal
As clique as this may sound, cereal is a fantastically easy and nutritious breakfast choice. Try to avoid name brand with “prize inside” and look for organic instead. If you want to add extra flavor, try chocolate skim milk instead of regular milk.

4. Omelets
If you have an omelet maker, you can easily make a quick and tasty breakfast with little prep time. Be warned, though, it does take a good 10 to 15 minutes to cook, so allow yourself that little extra time in the morning. If you start cooking before you get dressed, your omelet should be finished by the time you sit down to eat.

5. Other Frozen Foods
Have you taken a walk down the frozen breakfast food aisle lately? There are lots of choices for delicious, easy, and nutritious breakfast meals. Sausage sandwiches, toaster strudels, pancakes, and other frozen foods can be perfect if you are short on time and ambition.

These are just a few ideas for breakfast. Depending on the type of kitchen toys you have in your home, you can create easy meals any time of day, or make the day before to have for breakfast.



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