Happy Birthday, Buddy!

On Saturday, we celebrated my son’s 11th birthday. I can’t believe how big he’s gotten, and it always makes me a tad bit sad seeing my kids grow up. Can you believe he’s just an inch or two shorter than me now? Where has the time GONE?

We wanted to make his birthday special, so planned a pretty awesome birthday for the kid that didn’t cost us an arm and a leg. He was super pleased with the way the day went. Keep in mind he is in the Autism spectrum, so seeing him happy is a huge accomplishment.

Xbox Games
Like most boys, my son is addicted to his Xbox. We probably could have planned an entire party around it, but decided to go out instead. We did, however, lift the time restrictions we normally put on his game time. For his entire day, he was allowed to play as much Xbox as he could handle. He took full advantage of it, believe that!

If he wouldn’t have already had an Xbox, this would have been an excellent time to get him one. Amazon has them for decent prices, and I probably would have got him one for his birthday. Lucky for us though, he got one for Christmas from grandpa. That allowed everyone to basically give him Microsoft points, Xbox games, and cash so he could get the games he wanted.

Incredible Pizza
If you don’t have an Incredible Pizza in your area, this is something to search for when on family vacations. While they do have birthday packages, we opted to just show up with a few family members (grandparents and immediate family, basically). Everyone got fed, and the adults even joined in on quite a few of the games. Read more about our first trip to Incredible Pizza Incredible Pizza.

Other Ideas
To me, birthdays are an excuse to honor that person for just one day. It’s their special day, and they should be able to do just about anything they want to do within reason. For example, on the kids’ birthdays, they pick out what’s for supper. We clear the day of “adult stuff”, and give them the opportunity to plan the family’s activities for that day. In the case of the boy, though, he picked just playing his Xbox for half the day completely uninterrupted. No chores, no sharing the TV, no “get off that game and do something else”. It’s not something we’d allow every day, but was a special offer for his birthday.

Incredible Pizza happened to appeal to him so much he wanted to go for his birthday, but I realize not everyone has this option. Chucky Cheese, we’ve been told, is too “childish” for an 11-year-old, so we are lucky to have the other option in our area. What if you don’t have an Incredible Pizza? How about arcade rooms, go-kart tracks, science centers, or the zoo? Even a day at an indoor pool can be enough for boy who’s too old for traditional birthday parties.

Every area has something that holds interest to boys, so be sure to ask them for ideas when planning a birthday party. Remember if they don’t like it, they aren’t going to enjoy the day like they should!

What ideas have you used for your boys birthday parties?


One thought on “Happy Birthday, Buddy!

  1. Birthday is very special for parents. No one can deny their child’s demand. Its very special day for everyone in the family. Good wishes to your son and your family.


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