Meal Idea: Walking Tacos

340237_9903My first experience with walking tacos was not a good one. We were at a craft show, and lunch options included a varaity of meals using ground beef. Great idea in theory making multiple different meals out of one big batch of meat, but they failed to realize how unappealing greasy hamburger meat is in a Dorito bag.

Flash forward a few years later, when my significant other requests walking tacos for supper. I was hesitant, because in my mind I had already decided I didn’t like them. It took a little convincing, but I finally decided to give them another shot. I’m so very glad I did, and we’ve made it more than a dozen times since.

To make walking tacos, you need to first start with good taco meat. I recommend making our perfect taco meat. There really is no other way to make it if you want awesome tacos.

Next, you’ll need chips. We always buy a big bag of Doritos, then dish up the chips in bowls.

The rest is a matter of personal preference. Sour cream, cheese, tomatoes, taco sauce, lettuce…whatever you like on a taco should be tossed into your bowl.

That’s it! Fantastic walking tacos your family will love you for! Just be sure to cook your meat right, and they will be perfect. 😉


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