Rainy Day Activities for Families

The thunder is booming and the rain is pouring down. Obviously the kids can’t play outside today, and the adults just don’t want to.

I could just let the kids veg out in front of the TV and computer, but I’d rather make today productive. Since everyone is stuck at home, it’s a great day to get those “will get to it someday” chores done.

We’ll start by making a list, breaking it up into two categories: work and play. This is just a tentative list, and you should make your own based on the ideas we’ve listed here.


Sorting Clothes
Lots of clothes need to be sorted and put into bags to give away. It’s one of those never-ending projects, so best to keep on top of it at least a little. Today is a great day to work on it.

Cleaning Rooms
Even my room needs to be cleaned. By “cleaned” I mean laundry picked up, floors vaccumed, and toys all put away. Walls also need to be washed and furniture dusted, but we’ll get what we can done as a family.

Dusting and Deep Cleaning
The entire house is in need of a good deep cleaning, so hopefully we can take this rainy day and turn it into a cleaning day. Floors are in need of mopping, doornobs need wiped down, and stuff needs to be organized.


Family Wii Time
I knew there was a reason I justified the cost of our Wii. It was for days just like this! In between cleaning, I’d like to play a few rounds of Just Dance 2 or We Cheer 2 with the girl, and Wii Sports with the boy.

What better activity for a rainy day than to watch a few movies? We don’t spend nearly enough time together as a family, and I believe this would be a fantastic activity. The cool thing is the kids are old enough to watch movies the adults are interested in, too.

Story Time
I love to write short stories, even though I haven’t done it much lately. My son, age 11, likes to write stories as well. It’s just a matter of pulling him off the computer and actually writing. If we each work on individual stories, we can read them to each other and have a nice family story time.


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