Playing With Bonsai Trees

Despite my family’s greenhouse knowledge, I seem to lack the green thumb. I’m not sure if it was a lack of patience or if my skills just never blossomed. Either way, I’m still trying to be the gardener I know I can be.

After creating a make-shift greenhouse in my office and planting a few flower/herb seeds in creative pots, I decided to take my indoor gardening experiment a step further by adding bonsai plants to the mix.

The first thing I’ve learned is that there are no special bonsai seeds. What defines a bonsai tree from a regular tree is size, not type. Almost any tree or plant can be made into a bonsai. Awesome.

With this tid bit of info, I went in search of trees I’d love to have in miniture version. I checked out SeedMan, which had a very nice selection and details on every plant. The prices weren’t bad either, with extremely fair shipping. Additional bonsai research would tell me it’s easier to pick out a small plant or tree from a local nursery, but I love to watch new sprouts grow. Most likely I’ll be buying a plant or two from a local greenhouse in addition to the seeds I already bought.

Another thing I stumpled upon was a nifty (and cheap) Kindle book from Amazon called Bonsai Trees for Beginners . It has extremely useful information which I’m sure I’ll be referencing in the future. The history of bonsai trees included in the ebook was also an interesting read.

Overall I believe this will be a fun experience, and an interesting hobby that’s not very time consuming. Wish me luck!


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