Deli Tortilla Wraps with Ranch for Dinner

Over the last week, we’ve been making a lot of cold sandwiches for supper. It’s just too hot and we’re too busy to heat up the oven. What started as “just a new recipe we’re trying” has become one of our family faves.

These wraps were the first I’ve ever made. Ever. After a bad experience in high school, I’ve stayed clear of them for nearly 15 years. But I pushed the pesky memory aside, and decided to give it another shot. Wow, what have I been missing all these years?

Our wraps were worth bragging about, mostly because we used fresh lettuce bought from our local farmer’s market. You just can’t beat the flavor of home grown veggies. I wished our tomatoes would have been, but ours aren’t ripe yet. Although once we added good deli meat and sliced cheese (fresh from your local deli is best, but we used store brand) with a touch of ranch dressing, we had a really fantastic deli wrap.

Since we all wanted them a second and third night in a row, we decided to play around with the meat a little each day. Turkey, ham, and roast beef in different varieties were used, such as hickory smoked, honey baked, and so on. Each different combination of meat gave it a slightly different flavor, all of which were wonderful.

The variety in meat has inspired me to play with cheeses and spreads next, in hopes we come across a new wrap combination worth singing about. Stay tuned as we play more on the cold sandwich front to see what we come up with!


One thought on “Deli Tortilla Wraps with Ranch for Dinner

  1. I envy you! I would love to use homegrown vegetables in my meals, but unfortunatly, i do not have the space to grow some. Especially tomatoes are so much better tasting, it’s like a different veggie at all. I can imagine that every bite of that wrap tasted not only delicious but also special.


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