Easy Summer Sandwich Melts

The summer heat must be getting to me, since I don’t feel like making supper or doing a whole hell of a lot around the house. With TV with Internet and tons of sewing supplies in my bedroom, it makes it hard to leave the comfort of my bed to enter a hot, noisy kitchen.

Lucky for us we have a George Foreman grill that makes bacon uber easy to cook with minimal mess. With tomatoes finally ripe and a ton of lunch meat left over from our tortilla wrap obsession, making melty sandwiches seems to be the only way to go.

We don’t have a sandwich maker (hard to believe I’m missing a kitchen toy, isn’t it?), but we made some fantastic melt sandwiches anyway. Here’s how we make them:

1. Cook the Bacon
I know this isn’t a favorite past time in the summer, or any time of year for that matter. We cook our bacon int he grill, but microwave works also. If you really do not want to fight with bacon, this step can be skipped.

2. Toast the Bread
I’m sure you have a toaster. Insert bread, push the button, and ta da! Toast.

3. Assemble the Sandwich
Add your favorite sandwich items such as cheese (we used slices of Colby Jack, but mozzarella is good too), deli meat, mayo, tomatoes, and maybe the bacon if you were brave enough to make it.

4. Nuke It
Pop your sandwich in the microwave for about 30 seconds, or until the cheese is melted to your liking.

That’s it! No sandwich maker or hot oven needed here, just a microwave and possibly a stove top. The significant other loves these, and they are super easy and fast to make.



2 thoughts on “Easy Summer Sandwich Melts

  1. I’m really liking the idea of popping the whole thing into the microwave to melt the cheese .. so much easier than putting it all into the grill and I’m guessing that the cheese melts easily even though it is in the middle of the sandwich?


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