Decorative Switchplates and Outlet Covers

After finding this craft on Pinterest, I can stop doodling!

Decorative Outlet Cover

Originally I had made decorative outlet covers for my daughter and teenage cousin that stays with us part time (one shown above).  It was to match their room.  But when people kept saying “I want that!” while I was working on them at The Hot Spot, I decided it was time to add some to the shelves and to Etsy.

This was the 2nd decorative outlet cover we designed.  I love drawing flowers or anything nature related. My grandmother-in-law requested one just like it, so we made her a switchplate cover with blue flowers.

Decorative Outlet Cover - Pink Hearts

Designed by my daughter.

The next outlet cover my 9-yr-old daughter designed. I helped by outlining and touching up. It would be uber cute for a little girl’s room!

Decorative Switchplate Cover - Red and Black

Bold Red and Black

I would have been a lot happier if my red writing utensil hadn’t disappeared int he middle of this project. We all looked everywhere for it, then it suddenly appeared with the rest of it’s kind. Weird, yes?


Decorative Switchplate

River Blue

Also designed by my daughter, but decorated by me. She has some awesome ideas! Always good to listen to the kids because sometimes they come up with really fantastic ideas. 😉

That’s it for now! I’m hoping to move into personalized and other forms of decorating very soon 🙂 The fun part about this project is that nearly everyone can do it. All you need is the covers from your local hardware store and a few Sharpies. Enjoy!


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