Finishing the Pumpkin Jars

This project has taken waaaaaaaaaaay longer than I intended. I guess I didn’t realize how difficult it would be putting the finishing touches on the jar. There is nothing green and ribbon-like that I didn’t walk out of the Dollar Tree with today in hopes I would come up with something cute. Now the problem is deciding what exactly we should use and how to use it….

That’s why I need your help.

First off, here are our “contestants”:

Each of them have a few different characteristics and decorations. The ribbons are not all “stuck on” very well, since we are still deciding what to do here. Our main issue is what kind of jars to use, and what kind of ribbon or extra decoration goes at the top.

Ignore the crappy paint job here folks. I’m not finished yet. Basically I wanted to see what the jars without lids looked like with the top painted green. I kinda like this ribbon, but don’t know if it matches the painted top now.

Personally I like this ribbon, but my daughter doesn’t like the bow. Maybe it would look more cute with a small bow? Or how about if the bow was higher?


The ribbon decided to go off in a weird direction here, but I still love the pattern and the curl. Maybe if it sat a little more like the first one, it would be my favorite. I’m also unsure of this jar. The quilted jars I could not paint as easy as the flat.

Any and all feedback on this project would be MUCH appreciated. Also, if you have done a similar project, I would LOVE to see your finished project!


Oh, and just for fun….

"I'm what's under your bed at night! MWAHAHAHA!"

Our Halloween Costumes 2012

Oh yes. It’s my favorite time of year and we are busy digging up plans for Halloween. The first on the list, as always, is the Halloween costumes. I’m so sad my oldest (now age 12) wants no part in Trick-or-Treating, but we still have a good month and half to convince him to at least dress up.

My fantastically creative daughter has picked her costume for the year and we are already beginning to piece it together.

This year’s pick: ZOMBIE CLOWN!

Ugly Scraps

We started by picking out the fabrics we planned to use, which included the ugliest jumper we’d ever seen (shown above). As luck would have it, this almost fits my daughter. It’s a bit tight, so we plan to leave it unzipped and unbuttoned, using additional ugly scraps to fill in the gaps. You can see from the picture we also found an ugly tie to go along with the hideous costume. We plan to dye her hair red (she has the most perfect short curly clown hair) and paint her face in zombie-style.

Costumes of Halloween Past

Halloween 2011

Last year my daughter won 3rd place in the Prairie City costume contest. I suspect it’s because the costume was homemade (far left is my daughter, far right is my son, and in the middle is my teenage cousin who visits on the weekends). She was a “She-Devil” that year and we used mostly clothes she already had that fit the role. The pitchfork was from my son’s costume last year (shown below) and the horns we purchased.

Halloween 2010

Zombie Cheerleader and Demon Boy. Loved this year, the makeup, and the ideas. Again, my daughter wore mostly clothes she already had with a few extra accessories and dead-looking make-up. She even had a scar that year pained on her forehead.

Other years we have made good use of scraps, cheap fabrics on sale, and clothing they already own. We are proof that costumes can be cheap, easy, and way awesome with just a bit of creativity.

What costumes are you planning for this year?

Rolo Cookies

Recipe for Rolo cookies

Rolo Cookies. Nom.

As you might have guessed, I have an obsession with Pinterest. Even just visiting to look up something I pinned previously is dangerous – I end up pinning another 3 or 4 ideas. Yet sometimes I stumble on some fantastic ideas and recipes that we get hooked on, or offer at The Hot Spot.

A few weeks ago I came across a recipe for Rolo Cookies. It was quick, easy, and a perfect treat to sell to our customers at the store. My mom ended up making them again for a game tournament weekend, and they sold out. Yes, they are really that good.   Continue reading