Homemade Valentines ~ Candy Craft Ideas

As mentioned before, I am completely addicted to Pinterest. On any given day, I spend a good 20 minutes checking out crafts, recipes, and “purty stuffs”. I admit, not every project gets done. However, I’m usually pretty good about making at least half of the things I post. Or at the very least, attempting it. Craft fails are almost as fun as successes, are they not?

Homemade Valentine Candy Craft

This particular craft idea for a homemade Valentine really jumped out at me. I made a few for the store, and they’ve even been getting a few compliments!

valentine candy craft homemade



This idea came from Making Memories, who originally got them from Make It Do. I thought their idea of having it say “You Da Bomb” was awesome, but my mom liked “You’re the Bomb” better. Then again, she’s a known grammar Nazi, so we won’t hold it against her. ;) I made both, so the option would be up to my customers at The Hot Spot.

You can see mine are a little different, because we didn’t use ribbon or pipe cleaner to tie them all together. Instead, we used double-sided tape to secure the paper and the individual Rolo packages together. I finished it with black electrical tape, then double-sided tape again for the tag.

I was pretty excited my CraftArtist program had a pretty close tag to what Making Memories had used. You are free to use the template below for personal use. :)


Click to Print (Full Sheet)

Click to Print (Full Sheet)

Candy Craft Ideas for Classmates

As much as I love the Rolo idea, it’s not exactly cost effective for an entire class. When I saw C.R.A.F.T.’s 100 Clever Valentine’s Day Sayings, I figured this would be a much better option for my daughter’s 4th grade class. We haven’t decided on anything in particular, but may be doing a mixture of several of them. I think little bags attached to cards would work for the majority of them, with my daughter doing the decorating.

Be sure to follow us on Facebook to see the finished pictures of the crafts we’ve yet to do!

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