Sewing Up a Storm ~ The Great Fabric Hunt

Whenever I see a sale from, I’m on it. Doesn’t matter if I need fabric or not, I buy it anyway. It’s in my head that eventually I will need it for a project, and that it’s just too cute to pass up. This obsession really has come in handy many a time for my random project and ideas. Such as when I finally latched on to the perfect fabric for my cousin’s baby, a cute collage of giraffes and baby boy decor.

A baby blanket seemed easy enough. I had batting left over from a project years ago, so that was no issue. Scraps from other projects worked for making it a “real” quilt instead of just one straight piece of fabric. It was all coming together beautifully, block by by block, hand-sewing each piece. The problem started when I started the hunt for another yard of fabric I knew I had purchased over a year ago.

It was at our main-street business, I know it was. Then it was at home, and brought back up to the store. After that, I have no idea what happened to it. I’ve looked in every place fabric is stashed both at our store and home. I’ve even looked in our storage and in my car, of all places. Still no fabric. It’s like it just got up and walked away. Maybe it did, but I can’t see any reason someone would have walked away with a yard of random fabric.

After searching for almost 2 weeks, I gave up and purchased a yard from a local quilt shop. Let me tell you how excited I was to bypass Walmart or driving to the “big city” to get this fabric. Supporting local businesses gives me warm fuzzies inside, but picking the locally owned biz over a big corporation had me singing the whole way home. And what a selection she had! Prices were reasonable, too, as I will ALWAYS pay a little more to get better quality than Walmart. (Paid $9/yard, which really isn’t out of line).

With the final piece of fabric in place, the rest was no big deal. The kids and I sat around the big table at our store while I finished the quilt that gave me so much trouble. I imagine this is why I don’t make quilts, and why it’s only the third one I’ve ever attempted. I suppose it would be faster if I used a sewing machine, but probably not less stressful. Besides, I wouldn’t have been as proud of the final project….

Finished baby blanket. Finally!

Finished baby blanket. Finally!


The back fabric purchased at a local quilt shop.

The back fabric purchased at a local quilt shop.

You’ll notice I didn’t make the quilt in a “normal” quilting way, but instead used the “turn inside out” technique I use with pillows. It’s the easiest for me, and I didn’t feel like hunting for more fabric to use as a “cute border” or edging. What can I say, I’m all about short cuts. I don’t even measure my blocks half the time (terrible, I know).  I actually used the main blocks as measurement by counting the mini-block print on the fabric (if you count, it’s 4 blocks by 4 blocks), then used it as a “template” for the sizes of the others. The blue strips I did actually measure, though, and started with 2 inch wide strips.

What do you think? Did it turn out alright? My cousin seemed pretty happy with her baby boy’s new blanket, but I’m forever pointing out the mistakes I made on my own projects. Tell me I’m not the only one! At least we can say this was a learning experience, right?



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