Crafty How To: Support Ribbons

First let me say the original idea for these ribbons was NOT mine. After a tragic accident in town took the life of a 4 year old girl, a friend of mine came into our store with the idea of raising money for the family by selling ribbons. While neither of us are genius crafters, we were lucky that several kids and adults from around town helped get the design set and created a few hundred in less than a week. The end result was nearly $400 raised and a strongly supported family in their time of need. Mission accomplished!

I decided this idea was so cute that I would share the tutorial on how we made them, in case others would like to use this idea for their own fundraisers or to make  support ribbons for whatever cause they deem fit.

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Birthday Present for the Old Guy

My dad has to be the hardest person in the world to buy a present for. When he’s hungry, he cooks. When he needs personal items, he buys them. And collectible or non-useful items? FORGET IT! For years we bought him nothing but sweatshirts and tshirts, but now he’s so stocked on clothes he’s actually requested that we don’t give him any more.

So, what do you do to show your appreciation and help him celebrate his 60th  birthday with a personalized, unique gift?

Since he’s a big Iowa Hawkeyes and Green Bay Packers fan, the kids and I decided to make him an extra special present that he WOULD use and would not just sit around collecting dust….

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