Homemade Graduation Gift Basket Ideas

Homemade Graduation Gift Basket Ideas

A fun way to say “Congrats!” to a new graduate can be with a gift basket. No mater if your graduate is just finishing high school, college, or something else, here are a few Graduation gift basket ideas:

– Congratulations Mug or Class Mug
– Snack food (crackers, cookies, candy, etc)
Books on Graduation
– Memory Books/Scrapbooks
– Picture frames & books
– Congrats or Graduation Doll/Stuffed Animal
– Food Mixes (brownies, cookies, soups, etc)
– Gift Certificates from their favorite stores (example: Amazon, Target, GAP, etc.)

Be sure to add your own touch of style with each basket. Decorate with graduation hats, school colors, etc. Personal items, such as the stuffed animal or doll, can end up being a treasured memory of their accomplishments. I still have a Pooh Bear dressed in graduation robs that my mom gave me when I graduated high school over a decade ago!

Specific Graduation Gift Basket Ideas

Still need a few more ideas? Here are several specific gift basket ideas you can use for a graduate that is moving to the next stage of their life. Don’t be afraid to mix and match them to suit the graduate! When in doubt, always use something that would be personally special to the grad.

Graduation Gift Basket
a letter of why you appreciate them and what you admire about them (in your own handwriting)
a small book about house cleaning
a book about how to cook easy meals
a large bag of popcorn kernals with their favorite spices
stationary, with self addressed envelopes already stamped
fancy pen to write home with
a phone card for calling home
their favorite sweets

New Home Survival Kit
Scotch Tape
Picture Hanging kit ( those kits with the nails, hooks etc. )
Rubber bands
Band Aids ( For the kids new home boo boos )
Instant Coffee
Packets of sugar
Packets of salt & pepper
Rubber Bands
Masking Tape
Notepad Magnet for fridge

Bachelor’s Gift Basket
Fill a laundry basket with:
laundry guide
cook book featuring easy meals like casseroles
roll of quarters and some laundry soap
takeout pizza coupons
an iron
room deodorizer
any other cleaning supplies
food staples like macaroni dinners, canned tuna, canned soup and, of course, beer!

Housewarming Gift Basket
Fill a basket with:
a board game
popcorn kernals with spices
a crafty welcome sign or a wreath they can put on their door
a healthy house plant
a plug in room freshener
bag of potpourri
a business card you make yourself – put your name address and phone number on it, so they can call you any time
soothing flavored tea

House Warming Gift Basket 2
Use a recycling bin, fill with:
Light bulbs
toilet paper and paper towels
some cans of soup
small bag of flour and sugar
cook book of easy and fast recipes
small bag of dry pasta
scented candles
a book about recycling

I hope this list has you thinking of some awesome ideas for how to fill a homemade graduation gift basket!


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