Teacher Gift Basket Ideas

I admit I’m guilty of TOTALLY missing Teacher Appreciation Week. Yet in my defense, I home school one kid, and this year it fell week of my son’s birthday. Add that in with Mother’s Day planning and promotions, and well, I completely missed it.

That’s alright, I’ve never been one to follow the calendar when it comes to appreciating those who deserve it. When I was a kid, my mom and I would always make a bouquet of Iris flowers to give to my teachers near the end of the year. We couldn’t give the gift any sooner, because the Iris wasn’t blooming until late May or early June.

In addition to the flowers, we often gave my teachers little gifts, as is the spirit of Teacher Appreciation Week. If you missed it too, then this page filled with ideas for teacher gift baskets may be just the thing to make up for it.

Supplies for Homemade Teacher Gift Baskets

Here are a few general ideas to use within a teacher gift basket. As with any gift basket, you’ll want to make your teacher gift baskets personalized to the person you are giving the gift basket to. Add your own touch of style with ribbons and decorations made just for the teacher!

Apples (of course!)
Useful Teacher Items (chalk, paper clips, etc)
Packages of Stickers
Nice Pens
“World’s Best Teacher” Mug
Magnets for teacher (with sayings)
Tea or Coffee
Teacher Related Keepsakes
Brownie or Cake Mix
Apple Cake Mix
Apple Pie Recipes
Other Apple Food or Items

Specific Teacher Gift Basket Ideas

If you need a few more specific ideas for teacher gift baskets, here are a few detailed gift basket themes:

Teacher Gift Baskets
Favorite flavored tea fancy
Few red apples
Chalk and brush
Certificate you make yourself saying “Number One Teacher” and put a gold star on it, frame it
Favorite chocolate or sweets
Nice frame with the class picture inside
Hot/cold bag
Foot lotion or foot aroma therapy bath powder

Teacher Gift Baskets 2
Fill a basket with
fun pencils,
“Reward” toys,
Post-It notepads,
Award pads, etc.
Decorate the basket with a “school” theme – instead of ribbon around the rim, glue on a row of pink erasers, alternating with some cute large plastic clips.

Teacher Gift Baskets 3
Use a file tray for the basket and fill with any of the following:
Red and Green Pencils
Red Ink Pens
Black Ink Pens
Cute Rubber Stamps
Ink Stamp Pad
Bag of Apple Chips
Jar of Apple Jelly
2 Large Red Apples
Mug Decorated with Apples
Cinnamon Apple Tea Bags
Note Pads
Paper Clips

Teacher Survival Pack
Fill a basket with:
candy ( mints)
pocket calendar
granola bars
bottle water
saftey pins
plastic spoons, forks, knives


Do you have a few specific ideas for teacher gift baskets you’ve used in the past?  Be sure to share in the comments! We love new and fun ideas. 😉


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