Father’s Day Craft Ideas -Sharpie Mugs

My dad is THE hardest person to buy for in the family. We managed to do alright on his 60th birthday, but here comes Father’s Day and we have to plan a perfect gift all over again.

I started with Pinterest, and poked around for “Father’s Day projects”. While most of it is cute gifts from kids (and if you read the last post we did about “Grandpa Pete”, you’ll know we have to avoid non-useful at all costs), there were a few Pinterest projects that gave me inspiration.

One of them was a craft I had originally done for the kid’s rooms. The outlet covers, which we had made for both kid rooms and even sold a few at the store, I thought my dad would like. Obviously outlet covers have a purpose in his home, therefor adding a special touch and giving it as a gift seemed natural. It’s a functional item, but not quite perfect for my impossible-to-buy-for dad.

The other craft project I found is one we had also made at the store, using Sharpies and a dollar store mug. THIS craft was the one that would impress my dad for Father’s day, so I ran with the idea. I ran into a few bumps along the way, but overall, the craft is easy enough for kids to do. Adults should handle the baking instructions, and the kids can decorate and design.


Tutorial: Sharpie Mug for Dad

I wanted to make my mug extra special, so I decided to make him a Hawkeye mug. It required a little bit of planning, trial, and (lots!) of error, thus why I’m happy to save you the hassle with this tutorial.

Step 1 – Design Your Mug

Gather supplies

Gather supplies

The fun part about the mugs is you can do WHATEVER you want as far as quotes, designs, and colors. Sharpies have a very wide range of colors, including a very vivid black. I printed off the Iowa Hawkeyes log, cut it out, then used double sided tape to secure it on the mug. I used a Sharpie “pen” to trace, because it wipes off easy. You can also use a pencil to trace your pattern, or freehand the designs.

 Step 2 – Draw

Draw your Design

Draw your Design

You will want to be careful to keep your fingers and hands off any part of the mug you have drawn on. The Sharpie WILL come off with water, thus why we “set” it in the oven. Also be careful not to smudge the Sharpie in any way, as light colors will smear darker colors if drawn over top of each other. If you DO mess up, don’t worry. I take a damp Q-tip to gently rub off any mistakes I’ve made.  Just make sure the surface of the mug is dry before you continue.

I also added yellow around the design, but only an outline. Baking the yellow makes it look “burnt”, so every pen stroke is visible. Use small amounts of color and fill in larger areas with black.

Sharpie mug before baking.

Sharpie mug before baking.

Step 3 – Bake 

To “set” the Sharpie designs, bake in the oven at 350* for 30 minutes. Be sure to allow the mug to be in the oven both while it’s heating up and cooling down. Avoid touching or washing until the mug is completely cool and dry. If you don’t like the way it turned out, use a dry-erase marker to remove mistakes.


Sharpie mug after baking. The yellow changes color.

Sharpie mug after baking. The yellow changes color.


This Sharpie Mug tutorial has good information about using various types of Sharpies and/or sealers, and the various effects. Personally, I decided to bake it once and give instructions these are hand wash only. I found the design does not easily wipe off, but it does come off with just water if you scrub it. I do believe baking it twice or using a sealer might help if you want them to last longer.

Finished Sharpie Mug

Finished Sharpie Mug


I plan to pick up more mugs this week for the kids to craft their own. That way, he will have a whole set of personalized mugs. He LOVES homemade items, so I have high hopes that he will especially love this particular Father’s Day gift. 🙂



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