Printable Checklist for Kids

One of the kids – I will not say who, so I don’t embarrass them – has a bit of a memory problem when it comes to personal care. Then again, proper personal care includes a lot of steps for someone just learning how to take care of themselves. We decided the best way to help them out is with a dry erase checklist….


Remember To.... checklist for the kids

Remember To…. checklist for the kids

Since we have a laminate, we decided that was the easiest way to go about making a check-able checklist. If this is not an option, the printed page can be placed in a frame and hung on the wall. I decided our’s needed to go on the back of the door, that way all kids will see it before exiting the bathroom. Good reminders for washing hands and picking up their messes in the bathroom. 😉


—————————————> Free Printable: Remember To… <—————————————

Since every household is different, the free printable is blank. Feel free to print as many as you need! These could be used for any room in the house or for all kinds of reminders for the kids.You can fill this in yourself, or set specific reminders for specific kids.

I’d love to hear what YOU used it for in the comments below!




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