Adventures in Crafting: Why Safety is Important

Safety Tips for CraftingWhen we think of crafts or crafting, generally what comes to mind is safe items such as glue, paper, paint, or other non-threatening supplies. Yet even a pair of scissors can be an extremely dangerous tool if you don’t take precautions. Let me explain….

Last week I attempted to get caught up on a few projects, one that required me to cut the tops off water bottles. Generally I will use an Exact-o knife or box cutter to start the cut before using the scissors. I even have this in a few tutorials, where it is recommended to use something other than scissors to get it started. Yet this day I was in a hurry, and didn’t feel like tracking down additional supplies. Scissors would work, and did work, but not without a serious accident. While attempting to make that initial cut, the scissors went right though the plastic and into my finger on the other side. “OUCH” was an understatement. We all decided it didn’t need a stitch, but it certainly wasn’t a little scratch, and my crafting weekend was greatly hindered.

While we don’t generally think about safety measures while crafting, obviously it’s important. Learn from my mistakes and use the following rules:

Follow Directions
Sadly, it was my own directions I wasn’t following that lead to my injury. If the instructions suggest a specific method, it’s probably a good idea to follow it. Not only will your project look nicer in the end, but you will save yourself a lot of hassle.

Use the Right Tools
Different materials require different tools. My other half has always gotten after me for not using the proper tools, and it finally “clicked” last week. Even though scissors tend to be less sharp than another tool, they proved to be a nasty weapon when being used the wrong way. ALWAYS use the proper tools with the proper supplies.

Pick a Spot
I am notorious for “crafting on the go” or wandering while I work. Weird, yes, and it has caused a few issues. For example, I tend to sew in bed while we watch TV at night. This has lead to needles running into the blankets, and a very unhappy significant other when he found them unexpectedly. Needless to say, I am no longer allowed to sew unless I can keep a close watch on my needles. Better yet, if you can dedicate a specific area for your crafts, it is a good idea.

Clean Up After 
Random supplies and pieces left behind can cause problems for the family as well. Sharp items being the most important, obviously. Craft knifes can roll off tables and needles can hide, so make sure your entire mess is picked up when you are finish to avoid cut feet.


I know some of these tips seem like common sense, but when we aren’t actively thinking about the dangers, they can be easily forgotten. Had I made the extra effort to follow my own steps, use the right tools, and not craft in a dark, unsteady area, I would not have gotten hurt the way I did. Never would I have thought a simple pair of scissors could do such damage so fast. What’s worse, I’ve cringed every time I saw a pair of scissors and shied away from my favorite activities ever since it happened.

Save yourself the pain and learn from my mistakes!


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